physical. 04/16/15

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    7, 5, 5, 5+

    Weight starts conservatively (less than 50% of 1RM) and increases each set (denoted by commas between). Rest as needed between sets, and attempt to end between 70-80% of 1RM. If possible, final set may extend past 5.

    Then, 1 Tabata interval (:20 sec. work/ :10 sec. rest x 8) of:

    Bar hang (alternating with)
    Jumping pull-up

    Count reps in all 4 pull-up rounds- keep effort high and pace strong, and attempt to match throughout. Each drop from the bar in the hanging rounds = 10 burpee and minus 10 reps pull-up.

    And then, with as few trips as possible to the ground:

    Accumulate 5 minutes double kettlebell rack hold
    (W- 35lb. x 2, M- 55lb. x 2)

    Rest as little as possible, not as much as you’d like to- when weights leave the rack position, clock stops.

    And finally:

    5 minutes Abmat sit-up

    Perform as many quality reps as possible with as little rest as possible. If it is taken, keep it short and specific. Performing short sets is always preferable to taking long rest in simple conditioning pieces. If position breaks (butt off the ground, back round at the top) add up to 15lb. of weight to help right the ship.