physical. 04/24/17

    (Photo: It appears that merely thinking about thinking has become enough for some, which very sadly means,
    they’ve won… )

    Bench press:

    3 x 3 @ 85% of 2RM
    3 x 5 @ (up to) 70%

    Rest as needed between sets. If a set requires interruption, make as minor a weight adjustment as possible prior to the next. When scheme is listed as “3 x 5″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”. Reminder: Position and organized execution always govern weight, and “locked out” always includes a stop of motion.

    Then, 7 rounds of:

    7 Kettlebell suitcase deadlift
    1 minute Farmer hold
    (starts at top of 7th deadlift)
    7 Push-up (Scaled to ability)
    1 minute plank hold (starts at top of 7th push-up)

    Carefully select weights that challenge both lift and hold- adjust by round as needed; Set-up, brace, and move like you mean it. Soft equals sketchy, and careless equals useless; Focus, lock-in, and don’t under-lift.

    Advanced push-up suggestions include: Dynamic push-up, ring push-up, Hindu push-up.

    And then, as quickly as possible:

    70 Stacked-hand kettlebell swing @ (minimum) 35lb. W, 55lb. M
    70 Hollow rock

    Take as little rest as possible in each set of movements.

    Kettlebell swing reminder: If we lose our strong hinge, back rounds, or legs fail to snap straight in the “drive” portion of the movement, adjust accordingly and continue safely.

    Hollow rock: Break into sets that allow for both hard work and high-quality positions (Ex. 20 + 20 + 10, or 7 x 10… ).

    Reminder! (Almost) all movements referenced above are linked to high-quality video demonstrations/ explanations! Please use them to your advantage!

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