physical. 06/20/15

    John. Playtime (2011).
    John. Playtime (2011).

    At 75% of strict press 2RM from 06/08/15, 2 rounds of:

    Max rep strict press
    Max rep push press (Same weight, bar stays on your body)
    2 minutes rest

    Rest/ reset during work sets as desired with bar in stable rack position.


    1 max rep set push-up (:15 sec. rest every 10 reps, whether you feel you need it or not)
    200m walking lunge (3 breaths rest every 10 steps, whether you feel you need it or not)

    “Max rep” sets end when position breaks/ erodes beyond a reasonable measure, not simply when we can no longer complete the lift/ movement. In press and push-up, range of motion and proper lockout govern each and every rep.

    And then, with a partner:

    75 Anchored Abmat sit-up*


    Tire smash (Any variation) @ 6lb. W, 10lb. M

    One partner completes all sit-up reps, and then switch occurs. Note both total time to completion, and total number of tire smash completed.

    *Today, feet are anchored at squat width, toes pointed forward with sandbag, dumbbells, partner, etc. Range of motion in sit-up does not change- shoulders touch at the bottom, back upright and flat at the top.