physical. 06/21/17

    (Photo: Allies or enemies, depending simply on how high you toss the coin…)

    Kettlebell high pull + Goblet catch:

    10 x 3 @ as heavy as possible in each

    Focus in this movement variation is a powerful, dynamic kettlebell high pull transitioning into an organized and aggressive “catch” in the standard Goblet position (hands on side of handles, forearms driven into sides of kettlebell). Hold for a 2/1000, quickly re-position hands, and re-trace steps to the ground. Adjust weight by round as position and execution dictate.


    Kettlebell high pull + Goblet squat:

    3 x 10 @ (minimum) 50% of heaviest above

    Take only the rest you need. Focus on an organized, powerful kettlebell high pull to transition into an aggressive “catch” in the Goblet position (hands on side of handles, forearms driven into sides of kettlebell); Start strong and hard, not soft and slow. If recommended weight breaks position, adjust accordingly and continue safely.

    And then:

    20 Chin-up (Scaled to full ability for 2-3 rep sets)
    100 Medicine ball throw @ (minimum) 10lb. W, 12lb. M

    Rest briefly as needed during chin-up. Keep mechanics and range of motion, and scale accordingly if they do not cooperate.

    Conversely, there is anti-rest during the medicine ball throw; Any soft, slow, or disorganized throw is rejected and repeated; There is no value to lackadaisical, un-powerful power movements. Hurt the wall, hurt the ball, empty the tank.

    And finally, “Time under tension”:

    (Minimum) 25 High-quality sit-ups (Dowel/ “Prison” Abmat, V-up, hollow rock, 360)
    25 calorie Airdyne cool-down
    (Minimum) 1 mobility position (Evaluate/ test- re-test/ note improvement)

    Less specificity does not mean less accountability; think, fact-find, work hard, make progress.
    Or, do 25 half-lazy sit-ups and some unspecific mobility and continue to wonder why your strength and positioning aren’t improving.

    “Prison” sit-up: Interlock fingers and keep both hands behind the head. Reps count when shoulders and elbows touch the ground simultaneously. Butt stays on the ground, posture is upright at the top; Pace is not a substitute for position, even in simple movements.

    Reminder! (Almost) all movements referenced above are linked to high-quality video demonstrations/ explanations!
    Please use them to your advantage!