physical. 06/26/17

    (Photo: We need to apply what we know, assess what we don’t, and always question both.)

    6 rounds of:

    6 Bench press @ (up to) 75% of 2RM
    4 Kettlebell halo + extension @ as heavy as possible in each round
    1 minute rest

    If sets require interruption at designated/ chosen weight, make as minor an adjustment as needed and complete the next uninterrupted. Reminder: Position and range of motion always govern weight, and “locked out” always includes a rigid stop of motion.


    Kettlebell Good Morning:

    10 x 2 @ as heavy as possible in each set

    Especially in a movement as deliberate and challenging as the Good Morning, position governs weight; Loss of strong hinge, upper body position, or bracing, or softness at the bottom of the movement dictate an immediate adjustment. Rest up to :30 sec. between sets.

    And then:

    20 Inchworm
    40 Walking lunge
    @ 15lb. W, 25lb. M (use bumper plate)
    20 calories Airdyne @ 100%
    40 Walking lunge @ 15lb. W, 25lb. M (use bumper plate)

    Take short rest as needed during Inchworm to keep both quality high and range of motion thorough. Take anti-rest during Airdyne calories and walking lunge; Hustle hard, focus on mechanics and breathing, and conquer the conditioning.

    And finally, “Time under tension”:

    25 calorie Airdyne cool-down
    (Minimum) 1 mobility position (Evaluate/ test- re-test/ note improvement)

    Reminder! (Almost) all movements referenced above are linked to high-quality video demonstrations/ explanations!
    Please use them to your advantage!