physical. 06/27/14

    Back squat:

    1 x 15 @ 50-60% of 1RM

    2 x 5 @ 70-80% of 1RM

    Perform high-quality, full range-of-motion reps, and rest as needed between sets. Unless position breaks, all sets are performed uninterrupted.

    Then, as quickly as possible:

    75 Double-under/ 150 High-knee jumprope/ 250 regular jumprope
    50 Lateral burpee*

    If double-under is not yet in your toolbox, set a deadline for it and implement skill work. High-knee and regular jumprope are distant 2nd choices today.

    *Lateral burpees involve a two-footed, side-to-side jump over an implement of your choice and do not include the clap overhead. Today, height of lateral jump is scalable, and based on proficiency and experience. Challenge yourself.

    Carmen, Nick. Sled drag. Carmen, Nick. Sled drag.