physical. 07/11/15

    Group. Tire flip.
    Ashley. Tire flip.

    Pendlay row:

    5 x 3 @ 80-90% of 2RM from 06/12/15
    2 x 9 @ 50%

    Rest as needed between all sets. If sets require interruption (provided lifts are performed at current, accurate percentages) pause as briefly as needed and complete without decreasing weight. When scheme is listed as “5 x 3″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”. Reminder: Position and execution always govern weight.

    Then, aggressively and attentively:

    15 Tire flip
    30 Goblet squat @ 1/2 BW
    60 Abmat sit-up @ (up to) 1/2 BW

    Take short, specific rest as needed, and maintain designated weights unless position breaks or reps become singles; Break squat sets at 5 and sit-up sets at 10 as weight dictates. Hammer position, focus on details, and move with expertise and intensity.

    And then, with a partner:

    1 Tabata interval (:20 sec. work/ :10 sec. rest x 8) of:

    Barbell hold @ combined bodyweight
    (Ex. Partner 1: 185lb. Parter 2: 165lb. Barbell: 350lb.)

    Lift and hold however you’d like in an organized standing position- strategize prior to beginning rounds. Each trip to the ground = 10 burpees each, tallied and completed at the end.