physical. 08/08/14

    2 rounds of: Kettlebell Sequence #1

    Around-the-body pass (Left)
    Around-the-body pass (Right)
    Figure 8
    Overhead swing
    Swing clean and press (5L, 5R)
    Full-range high pull
    Halo (5L, 5R)
    Hand-to-hand 1-arm swing
    Snatch (5L, 5R)
    Goblet squat

    Sequence #1 consists of 10 total reps of each movement (note L & R).

    Today, each movement is interspersed with 5 push-up/ variation* and
    5 strict or jumping pull-up
    (when strict pull-up set requires interruption, transition to jumping). Position considered, use the same single kettlebell throughout each round. Weakest lift in the sequence dictates weight; Recommended weight today is 35lb. W, 55lb. M.

    And then, as quickly as possible:

    Karaoke runs (20 trips @ 20yd. each)

    *Variations include: Dynamic push-up, ring push-up, Hindu push-up.

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