physical. 08/13/15

    Adam. Kettlebell swing.
    Adam. Kettlebell swing.

    Pendlay row:

    4 x 5 @ 75% of 2RM
    1 x max rep @ 60% of bench press 2RM

    Rest as needed between all sets. If sets require interruption (provided lifts are performed at current, accurate percentages) pause as briefly as needed and complete without decreasing weight. Reminder: Position and range of motion always govern weight.

    Then, 5 minutes of:

    Kettlebell swing @ 55lb. W, 70lb. M

    Accumulate as many quality reps as possible, and utilize short, specific rest (3 breaths or less) only as needed. If designated weight breaks position, adjust one interval down and continue safely.

    And then, 10 reps:

    “Hollow position complex”
    (4 360 sit-up + 4 V-up + 4 Rocking chair= 1 rep)

    Hollow position complex: Goal is completion of each rep (12 movements) without breaking position. Today, if needed, rest up to :30 sec. between each round.