physical. 08/18/15

    Travel kit.
    Travel kit. Hudson River.

    6 Turkish Get-up @ 60-70% of 1RM (3 x 1L, 1R)
    1 minute rest
    6 Turkish Get-up @ 50-60% (3 x 1L, 1R)
    1 minute rest
    6 Turkish Get-up @ 40-50%
    36 Jumping pull-up
    1 minute rest
    18 Rocking chair @ 15lb. W, 25lb. M (Use bumper plate)
    1 minute rest
    18 Sprint start

    Move steadily throughout- hustle in the transitions, only rest in the rest. Perform “focused rest”: Standardize breathing, reflect on the previous round, and identify pitfalls to avoid in future ones; Mindful rest helps mitigate fatigue.

    Our sprint start begins with chest on the ground in the bottom of our push-up position. Today, on call of “Go!”, explode to your feet, sprint approximately 20 yd., and immediately get back on the ground.

    Then, skill work:

    Double kettlebell clean
    Double kettlebell swing clean

    Practice both of the movements above at skill work weights, and note improvement in each. Start with the single-arm versions of each if necessary, and practice the more difficult variations as appropriate. Spend enough time to note improvement.