physical. 09/09/15

    Carmen. Press.
    Carmen. Press.


    “Corpse Without a Soul” 6:58
    (Mercyful Fate– “The Beginning”)

    8 Kettlebell halo (35lb. W, 55lb. M- Change direction each rep)
    8 Kettlebell full-range high pull @ same

    Count rounds and half-rounds completed in 6:58. Today: Dry-run each movement with chosen weight- Once we start, it stays with us. If position breaks in movement, remainder of time is spent holding the weight in a static position.

    Note: Today, if kettlebell is dropped or placed on the ground prior to expiration of time, workout ends and 100 burpees commence.

    Then, 4 rounds of:

    2 reps “Hollow position complex”
    (2 360 sit-up + 4 V-up + 4 Rocking chair= 1 rep)
    12 Bodyweight row (Scaled to ability in each round)

    Complex: Maintain a quality hollow position during the performance of and transition between all three movements. Bodyweight row: Scale to full ability in each round. No easy reps.

    And then, at cool-down pace, 3 rounds of:

    1 minute Airdyne (Arms only)
    1 minute Airdyne (Legs only)