physical. 09/18/17

    (Photo: Practicing the near-dead art of appreciation through personalization.)

    5 rounds of:

    3 Front squat @ (up to) 75% of 2RM
    7 Back squat @ same
    3 Double kettlebell front squat @ as heavy as possible in each round
    7 Pull-up
    1 minute rest

    Hard work, thorough positional evaluation and improvement, and scaled-to-full-ability pull-up in each round.
    No lazy lifts, no easy reps.

    Advanced pull-up suggestions include: Weighted, L-pull-up, chest-to-bar, negative. No kip, no butterfly.

    Then, 7 minutes of:

    3 Burpee
    50 Jumprope

    Complete as many quality rounds and reps as possible. Breathe, hustle, and attempt no rest.

    And then, “Time under tension”:

    Double kettlebell rack hold (W- 45lb. x 2, M- 62lb. x 2)

    Lift and hold in strong, organized kettlebell rack position. Work to “True” failure (loss of physical positioning) not “Relative” failure (loss of mental endurance). If time reaches two minutes, you may stop if desired. If time is under two minutes, do it again, and accumulate at least two total minutes.

    Stand strong and organized- tension helps build strength, provided we stay engaged in the process.

    Reminder! (Almost) all movements referenced above are linked to high-quality video demonstrations/ explanations!
    Please use them to your advantage!