physical. 09/23/17

    (Photo: Either jump, or don’t… )

    5 Sled pull (20 yd. each @ 1 + 1/2 BW)
    25 Suitcase deadlift @ (minimum) BW
    50 Jumping pull-up
    75 V-up

    Move quickly and mindfully, in order, and uninterrupted; Speed is not a substitute for form, and when sound form and mechanics are present, it should never need to be. If rest is needed, keep it short and specific (3 breaths or less) and only take in weighted rounds.

    Minimum 2 minutes rest, then:

    20 Sprint start

    Our sprint start begins with chest on the ground in the bottom of our push-up position. Today, on call of “Go!”, explode to your feet, sprint approximately 20 yd., and immediately move to what’s next.

    And then, with a partner:

    1500 Jumprope

    Work vs. rest, strategize work as desired, and complete as quickly as possible. No breaks, no wandering, no scurrying once the drill has started. Plan, focus, execute at velocity; It’s fucking jumprope. Let’s go.

    And finally, “Time under tension”:

    25 Goblet squat @ 35lb. W, 55lb. M + 50 Abmat sit-up + 25 cat/ cow stretch

    Abmat sit-up is any variation you choose, and adjusted between them as desired. Mind position and mechanics, and draw value. Keep rest to :15 sec. or less, no more than 3 times.

    Reminder! (Almost) all movements referenced above are linked to high-quality video demonstrations/ explanations!
    Please use them to your advantage!