physical. 10/01/16

    If there's a goal that needs to be met, meet it; Others have done far more with far less.

    5 rounds of:

    7 Bench press @ (up to) 70% of 2RM
    1 minute rest
    5L, 5R 1-arm kettlebell row
    @ as heavy as possible in each round
    1 minute rest
    5 Kettlebell high pull
    @ as heavy as possible in each round
    1 minute rest

    If sets at chosen weight require interruption, make a minor adjustment and perform the next uninterrupted. Reminder: Position and range of motion always govern weight.


    20 Kettlebell full-range high pull @ 50% of heaviest high pull above
    20 Walking lunge @ same (kettlebell in back rack– 10L, 10R)
    20 Push-up
    20 Walking lunge
    @ 50% of above
    20 Bodyweight row
    20 Burpee

    Move seamlessly and aggressively. If rest is needed, keep it to three breaths or less (:15 sec.). If training is focused on composition, and not simply completion, pace does not change position or execution.

    And then, 5 aggressive minutes of:

    3 Pull-up
    5 calories Airdyne
    3 breaths rest

    Utilize the most difficult version of the pull-up in your toolbox for as long as you can, and make each round on the bike a vicious sprint.

    And finally:

    50 Ab wheel roll-outs

    If position breaks, even once, in Ab wheel roll-out, adjust to V-up and continue safely.