physical. 10/08/16

    Board. July 2015.
    Board (07/15).

    10 rounds of:

    2 Kettlebell clean (1L, 1R) + :30 sec. hold at top of each
    10 Push-up
    10 V-up
    :20 sec. rest

    Ability to hold for designated duration governs weight in each round. Start ambitious, and only adjust as needed. Scale push-up to ability in each round.

    Advanced push-up suggestions include: Dynamic push-up, ring push-up, Hindu push-up.

    Then, 5 rounds of:

    1 Sled pull (20yd. each @ 1/2 BW)
    10 Bodyweight row
    1 Sled drag
    (20yd. each @ 1/2 BW)
    1 minute rest

    ”Drag” = forward, and “Pull” = backward. Hustle until the rest in each round.

    And then:

    10 x 5 Partial pull-up/ Chin-up/ mixed grip

    From a dead hang, and while maintaining a rigid hollow position, initiate the pull-up/ chin-up movement up until about halfway, and then repeat from the bottom. Strength building, positional awareness, and active cool-down are all equal components of this simple drill.