physical. 10/14/15

    Group. Positional practice deadlift.
    Group. Positional practice deadlift.

    As quickly and violently as possible:

    50 Kettlebell Figure-8 @ minimum 25lb. W, 45lb. M

    Move with intent, but do not substitute speed for form. Figure-8 should be powerful and organized- choose a weight that allows for both.

    Then, 10 rounds of:

    5 Burpee
    3 Straight jump
    :15 sec. rest (used in maximum of 3 rounds)

    Do not exceed designated rest, either in duration taken or rounds used. Mindful breathing and meticulous movement will mitigate fatigue.

    And then:

    Addressing of whatever positional restrictions/ mobility needs yesterday’s skill work identified.

    Position = Strength, power, progress, and safety. If you are missing range/ access to ideal positioning, you are increasing your chance of injury in movement. Do the work that helps the work.

    For many: Thoracic mobility, ankle range of motion, hamstring restriction, anterior hip, quad tension/ restriction, abductor tension/ restriction.