physical. 10/21/15

    Mace Good Morning.
    Scaling and tinkering with foot positioning and weight in the mace Good Morning. Tell us what’s going on there and why, and we’ll send you a t-shirt…

    2 rounds of:

    6L, 6R 1-arm kettlebell row @ as heavy as possible
    8 Kettlebell “Short swing” @ (up to) double weight used above
    12 Mace Good Morning @ as heavy as possible/ available
    Rest (Up to 2 minutes)

    Then, 2 rounds of:

    12L, 12R 1-arm kettlebell row @ 75% of heaviest set from above
    12 Kettlebell “Short swing” @ 1/2 BW
    12 Banded Good Morning (Banded to ability in each round)
    Rest (Up to 2 minutes)

    If designated/ chosen weights break position, adjust immediately and continue safely. Position and power govern weight- there is no such thing as (and certainly no value to) a slow, soft, kettlebell swing or a rounded back kettlebell row or Good Morning.

    ”Short swing” denotes a heavy, short-range kettlebell swing with the intent of safely driving as much weight as structurally possible to just below chin height. Position considered, use weights designated above.

    And then, 2 rounds of:

    6 3/1000 bodyweight row
    12 Floor to feet (Bottom of burpee to hinge position and back to floor)
    4 3/1000 bodyweight row
    8 “Floor to feet”
    :20 sec. rest

    Move quickly and deliberately, and keep position and power in each movement at the front of your mind. No lazy reps, and no short counts.

    3/1000 row: In this variation, we hold for a full 3/1000 count in the top position- whether it be chest-to-bar, chest-through-rings/ rope, our goal is keeping the chest even with the hands for the full count on all reps.