physical. 10/27/15

    Carmen. Axle deadlift.
    Carmen. Deadlift.

    (Carmen. Axle deadlift.)

    Positional and mechanical improvement:

    Single and double kettlebell lifts

    Beginner/ Intermediate: Clean from floor, clean from swing, front squat, press + push press

    Advanced: Clean/ swing clean + front squat, clean/ swing clean + push press, Thruster, snatch

    At skill work weights and with the guidance of a qualified trainer, practice several movements listed above and make improvement in each. Start with the basic variations of each (using single kettlebell until progress is made), and add difficulty/ weight as appropriate.


    Kettlebell complex practice

    Link together 3 or more different kettlebell lifts into a cohesive, flowing sequence and practice it at several weights. Be mindful of what works together and what doesn’t (and why) and make sure you can perform the lifts/ series of lifts with equal proficiency on both sides.