physical. 10/30/15

    Group. Creative carries and heavy kettlebell swings (2013).

    Kettlebell Figure-8:

    6 x 8 @ as heavy as possible in each set

    Rest up to 1 minute between sets, and adjust weight between if position breaks or sets require interruption. Figure-8 should be violent, powerful, and organized- choose weight accordingly. Note: If this is a movement you are unfamiliar with, or currently performing casually and passively, please reference video linked above.


    40 Mace 360 @ 10kg. W, 12kg. M
    (or, if needed, kettlebell halo @ 35lb. W, 55lb. M)

    60 Hand-to-hand tire smash @ 10lb. + W, 16lb. + M
    40 Medicine ball throw (Partner or wall– 10/ 12lb. W, 14/ 16lb. M)
    60 Hollow rock

    Position considered, tire smash is as heavy as possible for 60 high-quality reps. Sets are to be performed in order and uninterrupted, with short, specific rest taken only as needed. Hollow rock: No lazy reps. Developing strength in this non-glamorous hold insulates you for the things you actually enjoy doing- You should be thanking it.

    And then:

    4 minutes Airdyne @ 50% of max RPM
    2 minutes Airdyne @ 30% (hands in “Prison” position)

    “Prison” position involves hands overlapping on the back of the head and elbows pointed to the side. Maintain strong, organized posture throughout.