physical. 11/10/14

    Vincent, Cory. Medicine ball throw.
    Vincent, Cory. Medicine ball throw.

    9 x 1 Power clean + 3 Front squat @ 80+% of power clean 1RM

    Rest as needed between sets. 1 power clean + 3 front squat = 1 set.
    If front squat sets require interruption, make as minor an adjustment as needed to continue uninterrupted.


    10 Push-up/ Dynamic push-up
    20 yd. walking inchworm
    10 Push-up/ Dynamic push-up

    Scale height of dynamic push-up to ability- Both sets should pose a significant challenge. Each inchworm walk includes a push-up prior to the feet walking up to the hands, and a full stand-up once they get there.

    And then, with a partner and as quickly as possible:

    40 Medicine ball throw/ catch + Air squat

    Today, as soon as the ball is thrown, an air squat is performed, recovered from, and the ball is received (40 squats each). Goal is no pause between throw, squat, and catch. Position, pace, and breathing play equal parts in staying ahead of the ball in this drill.