physical. 12/10/16

    Wolf Brigade Benchmark Tragedy
    "You can run, you can hide, but never close your eyes; Beware the sands of time, they're on our side... "

    Full-range high pull:

    4 x 5 @ as heavy as possible in each set
    1 x 15 @ 50% of heaviest 5-rep from above

    Rest as needed between sets. If set of 5 requires interruption, adjust as little as needed to complete next set uninterrupted. When scheme is listed as “4 x 5″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”. Reminder: Position and range of motion always govern weight, and overhead is not a relative position



    “Conflicting Ideas/ Call to Arms” 7:25 (Tragedy – “Vengeance”)

    50 Kettlebell swing (35lb. W, 55lb. M)

    Then, for remaining time and at same weight:

    3L, 3R Kettlebell swing clean & push press
    3L, 3R Kettlebell snatch

    Count and note rounds and half-rounds completed in 7:25.

    Score is total rounds of clean & press + snatch- Swing is a buy-in only.

    If designated weight creates/ forces compromised positions in either lift, make as minor an adjustment as needed to continue safely. There is no designated rest here- attempt none, and if needed, keep it short and specific (3 breaths or less).

    Reminder: Even in a timed piece with an emphasis on pace, organized execution, full, useful range of motion, and common sense govern weight.

    Up to 5 minutes rest, and then:

    5 Turkish Get-up @ (up to) 60% of 1RM (Left arm)
    5 Turkish Get-up @ (up to) 60% of 1RM (Right arm)
    250 Jumprope

    Rest between reps/ arms as needed, and add a 2/1000 pause to any transition point that you are struggling with. Today, weight is a distant second to position and execution- if designated weight detracts from near-perfect execution, adjust at least one interval down and continue.

    And finally, practice:


    Our “Get Your Ass Off The Ground” movements begin and end standing and, once practiced, at no time do our hands touch the floor.

    They include:

    Rocking chair
    Hip-up (Elevator/ rocking chair hybrid)
    Front roll (From and back to standing)
    – Back roll (From and back to standing)

    Make progress by paying attention to practice; Select 1-2 movements from the list above, and address the details of both. Start with the most basic variations of each, and add weight and difficulty as appropriate.