physical. 12/13/16

    Mathew Potocki Wolf Brigade Subject Matter Expert

    Kettlebell high-pull + Goblet catch or sandbag shoulder:

    5 x 5 @ as heavy as possible in each set

    Rest as needed between sets, and intersperse movements as desired-if sufficient equipment is available, there is great value to a few rounds of each. Each set should be difficult, violent, and feature sound positioning throughout.

    Kettlebell high pull + Goblet catch: Focus in this movement variation is a powerful, dynamic kettlebell high pull transitioning into an organized and aggressive “catch” in the standard Goblet position (hands on side of handles, forearms driven into sides of kettlebell). Hold for a 2/1000, quickly re-position hands, and re-trace steps to the ground.

    Organization of movement, power, timing, and dexterity all play an equal part in the safe and heavy completion of either lift chosen today.

    Then, 5 rounds:

    3L Kettlebell push press
    1 Hand-to-hand switch
    3R Kettlebell push press
    9 Goblet squat
    @ same weight
    9 Burpee
    :30 sec. rest

    Select weight that allows for organized, powerful push press, and seamless hand-to-hand switches. Adjust weight by round as needed. Stay attentive, and attempt no rest outside of designated duration in each round.

    And then, 5 rounds of:

    5 Rocking chair
    5 Abmat sit-up
    5 calories Airdyne

    Today, entire drill is performed with a bumper plate in-hand (15lb. W, 25lb. M). Transition between movements with dexterity, and safety considered, do not allow plate to touch the ground; Hold aggressively in front of your chest, not lazily at your hips.

    And finally, “Time under tension”:

    20 Dowel partial pull-over + 20 calorie Airdyne @ cool-down pace

    Partial pull-over is active cool-down, and should be performed in organized positions- only pull dowel over to point of position break, maintain a brief hold, and repeat. Goal is opening up the upper body after a heavy pulling day, and improving position for next time.

    Mat, Kettlebell Press (2010)