physical. 12/24/15

    Sal. Full range high pull.
    Sal. 1/2 BW+ full-range high pull.

    7 rounds of:

    1 Power clean @ 85% of 2RM
    :20 sec. rest
    1 Power clean @ 85% of 2RM
    2 Front squat @ same
    (Up to) 2 minutes rest

    Front squat begins at top of power clean #2. If squat set requires interruption, make minor weight adjustments to allow for uninterrupted completion of the 3-rep complex.


    100 Band crawl

    Choose one path:

    5 x 20 (max :15 sec. rest between 20-rep sets)
    2 x 50 (max :30 sec. rest between 50-rep sets)
    75 + 25 (max :45 sec. rest after rep 75)
    100 (uninterrupted)

    Set-up: Minimum 12ft. distance @ 3 x 1″ band W, 4 x 1″ band M. Strategize your path and do not deviate- breaking rep scheme or adding rest equals 25 extra reps at the end. When scheme is listed as “5 x 20” it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”.

    And then, as quickly as possible:

    50 Jumping pull-up
    50 Abmat sit-up

    Move and breathe deliberately, and attempt no rest. Safety considered, there is value to making yourself move in simple conditioning drills.