physical. 01/16/15

    Greasing the groove.
    Do the work that improves the work; Mobility/ detailed positional improvements/ meticulous warm-ups may not be glamorous, but they are certainly more appealing than under-performing and/ or getting hurt due to ignoring them.

    Row 1200m
    Rest 1 minute

    Then, 6 aggressive rounds of:

    20 yd. walking lunge (To wall)
    12 Lateral slam ball @ 15lb. W, 20lb.M
    20 yd. sprint (Back to start)
    Rest :30 sec.

    Slam ball is carried in both lunge and sprint, and held above the ground during the rest. If ball touches the ground (outside of the drop in lateral slam ball) each touch = 20 burpees and 2 minutes Airdyne.