physical. 01/20/14

    Push press/ push jerk:

    7, 5, 3, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

    Weight goes up each set (denoted by commas).
    Rest as needed between sets (up to 1 minute).
    Use up to 5 single lifts to reach new target weight.


    20 Double kettlebell windmill (10L, 10R)

    Weight today is self-scaled. Switch arms as desired.

    Weight increases in 4-rep increments; Attempt to match top and bottom weight. If weight increase causes a compromised position finish remaining reps with highest successful weight. If double kettlebell version is not working, perform same rep scheme with a single kettlebell.

    And then:

    1 minute Superman
    40 Air squat
    :45 sec. Superman
    30 Air squat
    :30 sec. Superman
    20 Air squat
    :15 sec. Superman
    10 Air squat

    Maintain same strong arch required in Superman position in each and every squat rep.