physical. 01/18/14

    Overhead Abmat sit-up
    Overhead Abmat sit-up, dry-erase style.

    Front squat:

    9, 7, 5, 3, 3+

    Weight increases each set (denoted by commas between).
    Rest up to 1 minute between sets. If possible, final set extends past 3 reps.

    Then, in order and as quickly as possible:

    Row 500m
    25 Slam ball (25lb. + W, 40lb. + M)
    50 “Prison” Abmat sit-up*
    25 Medicine ball shuttle run** (15yd. ea. @ 15lb. W, 20lb. M)
    50 Jumping pull-up

    *In the “prison” situp, we interlock our fingers and keep both hands behind the head. Reps count when shoulders and elbows touch the ground simultaneously. If proper position becomes unsustainable, adjust to 2/1 regular Abmat sit-up.
    **Med ball remains in-hand but touches the ground at the end of each sprint.