physical. 01/27/14

    Breathe. Move.

    6 Dumbbell push-up row
    12 “GYAOTG“*

    x 6

    Weight in the push-up row is self-scaled today, and decreases in 2-round intervals (Ex. Round 1 & 2: 85lb., Round 3 & 4: 65lb., Round 5 & 6: 45lb.). Remember: With the exception of widening the feet if needed, do not allow range of motion and structure of a proper pushup to change with the addition of weight in the dumbbell row.

    Then, for time:

    36 Burpee box jump** (20″ W, 24″ M)

    If needed, partition work into specific sets accompanied by specific rest. (Ex. 12 reps, 3 breaths x 3, 6 reps, 2 breaths x 6).

    *Our “Get Your Ass Off The Ground” movements begin and end standing and at no time (during rocking chair or elevator) do our hands touch the floor or our knees cross our toes. Movement may vary each round if desired. They include:

    Elevator sit-up
    Rocking chair

    Hip-up (Elevator/ rocking chair hybrid)
    Front roll (From and back to standing)
    – Back roll (From and back to standing)

    **Use care and focus on technique to not allow the burpee box jump to turn into a wiggly, flailing mess. The burpee should be tight and explosive, using good midline stability and control to snap us up off the ground and into a stable jumping position. The components of a regular box jump should not change with the addition of the burpee.