physical. 02/14/13

    Apocalyptic Sky 24 Jan
    "...the eyes rarely see, time when head and heart agree." War of Attrition

    With a partner…

    7 minutes:

    20 Tire smash vs. L-sit

    5 minutes:

    15 V-up vs. 1-arm plank hold

    3 minutes:

    10 KB swing vs. OH KB swing hold*

    1 minute:

    5 Slam ball vs. burpees

    Count entire number of rounds completed for score.
    Both partners completing each part= 1 round.

    *OH KB swing reaches but does not cross the vertical plane and today, holds there for the duration of your partner’s work. Keep a neutral, straight spine and active shoulders at all times. (Keep your back straight and push the weight to the ceiling.)


    The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, 1843.