physical. 02/16/15

    Self defense 2014.
    Group. Learning/ reviewing bear hug escapes (2014).

    50/50 Kettlebell strict press:

    5 x 3L, 3R @ as heavy as possible in each set

    Alternate 3L, 3R, and rest as needed between sets. If a set requires interruption, make as minor an adjustment as needed to perform the next uninterrupted. When scheme is listed as “5 x 3L, 3R″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”.

    50/50 press features a double kettlebell rack position but a single-arm press. Kettlebell on the “non-working” side assists in keeping tension, and can help us fact-check position. Position considered, weights should match on both sides.


    1-arm kettlebell push press/ push jerk:

    3 x 3L, 3R @ heaviest 50/50 press weight from above

    Again, alternate 3L, 3R, and rest as needed between sets.

    And then, as quickly as possible:

    50 Overhead walking lunge @ 25lb. W, 45lb. M
    50 V-up

    Lunge: Provided lock-out is organized and stays intact, weight with whatever you choose. If lockout fails or position breaks, change implement or scale weight. Today, you may rest briefly as needed, but weight stays with you (does not go to the floor).
    V-up: Fact check position in each rep, and only count the ones that measure up- Better to rest a few breaths than perform substandard reps.