physical. 02/20/15

    Group. Mace shovel.
    Group. Mace shovel.

    “Odd Lifts” Friday!

    Mace front pendulum:

    3 x 30 @ as heavy as possible

    Rest between sets, and only count reps in which the mace handle ends parallel with the floor. Remember to tuck your hips, tighten your guts, and keep the mace close to you. Today, no shove- just the pendulum swing.

    Then, 3 rounds of:

    30 Tire smash @ as heavy as possible in each
    20 Mace shovel @ as heavy as possible in each
    (Up to) 1 minute rest

    Today, if available, use mace for tire smash. If mechanics break down, or selected weight creates a compromised position, make an immediate adjustment and continue safely.

    And then:

    30 Mace squat @ as heavy as possible (allow one break if needed)
    3 x 30 revolutions Airdyne

    Rest up to :30 sec. between each Airdyne set. Mace squat: Drive arms straight, keep them even with your chest (not hanging down by your waist) and keep hands together.