physical. 02/25/14

    Carmen. Kettlebell Good Morning.
    Bottom position of our kettlebell Good Morning. Note: Vertical shin, braced, organized spine, kettlebell and elbows tucked into body, feet narrow and straight, head neutral.

    Making positional adjustments/ improvements as needed, complete:

    Bench press:

    20 reps @ 30% of 1RM
    1- 2 minutes rest/ evaluation

    x 1

    15 reps @ 60% of 1RM

    x 1

    Behind-the-neck push press:

    5 reps @ skill work weight
    1 minute rest/ evaluation/ weight adjustment

    x 5

    Provided the position and execution are sound, weight may increase each set.

    Then, 5- 10 minutes of:

    5 Barbell Good Morning (Straight leg or bent leg)
    5 Deadlift @ 40% of 1RM
    1- 2 minutes rest/ evaluation/ weight adjustment (on Good Morning)

    And then:

    20 reps barbell front lunge @ 30% of 1RM front squat
    1 minute rest
    20 reps barbell back lunge @ 30% of 1RM back squat

    All lunge steps are forward- “Front” and “Back” simply denote bar placement.

    Use time between sets to mobilize, evaluate movement strengths and weaknesses, and improve subsequent sets.
    In order to assure proper position, consider taking up to a 3/1000-count at the beginning and end of any movement with which we are struggling.