physical. 02/25/15

    Kids only.

    Ignore the signs (2008).

    Double kettlebell swing clean:

    6 x 6 @ challenging, uninterrupted sets

    Rest as needed between sets, and adjust weight if position breaks or set requires interruption.

    Then, 6 rounds of:

    2 minutes jumprope
    4 Shin hops* (Use assistance as needed) or High-knee jumps
    6 Pull-up
    2 Shin hops (Use assistance as needed) or High-knee jumps

    Scale pull-up to ability in each round, and if available, change implement as desired. Pull-up suggestions include: Weighted, L-pull-up, chest-to-bar, strict, negative. No kip, no butterfly.

    *Begin with shins and tops of feet on the ground, arms tight, and posture strong. With tension and power, allow butt to drop back to the heels, pop your hips, and pull your feet flat to the floor. Goal is jumping from your shins into a strong, stable squat position.