physical. 03/31/17

    (Photo: Medicine ball throw, partner or wall: “At”, not “to”, and/ or “through”, not “at”… )

    5 rounds of:

    5L Mace shovel
    20 yd. walk
    (In top shovel position)
    5R Mace shovel
    20 yd. walk
    (In top shovel position)
    10 Mace 360
    :20 sec. rest

    Walk starts at top of 5th shovel. Drive both arms straight and above your eyeline (click here for video demonstration), keep hips tucked and guts brutally tight. Weight is scaled to ability and should pose a significant challenge in each round.

    Mace shovel starting and ending position should be a seamless transfer from deadlift- make adjustments as needed. If suitable weight is not available, movement may also be scaled by shortening the distance between hands, always leaving the rear hand at the very end of the handle.

    Today, unless high-level proficiency is demonstrated in the mace 360, weight should be lighter than in the shovel/ walk.

    Then, 15 minutes of:

    25 Tire smash (Left- 2-hand or 1-hand)
    5 Burpee
    25 Tire smash
    (Right- 2-hand or 1-hand)
    5 Bodyweight row
    5-breath reset (Not to exceed :20 sec.)

    Hustle in transitions, and attempt no rest outside of designated duration. Sledgehammer weight is self-scaled, and should allow for powerful, uninterrupted sets.

    Tire smash: In order for hitting a tire with a hammer to be more than novelty, it needs to be performed with power, precision, and fluidity. Focus on mechanics, execution, and timing, and hit the tire like you mean it.

    Reminder! (Almost) all movements referenced above are linked to high-quality video demonstrations/ explanations!
    Please use them to your advantage!