physical. 04/14/14


    11 Front squat
    7 Push press
    9 Front squat
    5 Push press
    7 Front squat
    3 Push press
    5 Front squat
    1 Push press

    Rest as needed between end of push press and next set of squat.
    Weight today starts and stays at 75-80% of push press 1RM; If position erodes, adjust weight immediately.

    Then, at same weight, 4 rounds of:

    4 Walking lunge (Barbell in front rack)
    :20 sec. front rack hold

    If rest is needed, take it after the :20 sec. hold.
    Keep it short and specific.

    And then, for time:

    40 Jumping pull-up
    40 Walking lunge (Unweighted)

    Perform sets uninterrupted and as quickly as possible while still employing full range of motion.