physical. 04/12/14

    Mat. Tire smash (2010).
    Mat. Tire Smash (2010).


    1 max rep set @ 1 + 1/4 BW (125%)

    Short, specific rest may be taken at the bottom of the lift with hands attached to the bar. When hands leave the bar, the set is over.

    Rest as needed, then 2 rounds for time of:

    60 Tire smash (Any variation) @ 10lb. W, 16lb. M
    40 Kettlebell snatch (35lb. W, 55lb. M)
    20 Goblet squat (45lb. W, 65lb. M)
    200m sprint

    Tire smash and kettlebell snatch: Alternate arms as needed/ desired.
    If any of the designated weights create/ force a compromised position, make an immediate adjustment.