physical. 04/18/14

    Nick. Press.
    Nick. Press.

    Hang power clean:

    5, 5, 3, 3, 3+

    Weight increases in each set (denoted by commas between). Rest as needed between sets. Goal for final set is 85-90% of 1RM; If possible, final set extends beyond 3 reps.

    Then, for time:

    50 Slam ball (15lb. W, 25lb. M)
    10 Sprint start* @ 10yd. each
    25 Slam ball (15lb. W, 25lb. M)
    5 Sprint start @ 10yd. each

    Our sprint start begins with chest on the ground in the bottom of our push-up position. Today, on your own count, explode to your feet, sprint approximately 10 yd., and immediately get back on the ground. Keep rest short, and only as needed.