physical. 04/19/14


    10 minutes of:

    2 Turkish Get-up*
    10 Pull-up

    Count rounds and completed half-rounds for score. Alternate arms as desired on Turkish Get-up, and adjust and/ or scale pull-up variation as needed/ desired (no butterfly).

    And then, for time: “Composure Recovery Drill”

    12 Kettlebell swing (All at 35lb. W, 55lb. M)
    6 Front roll

    x 4

    :20 seconds rest, then:

    12 Kettlebell swing
    6 Front roll

    x 2

    24 Kettlebell swing

    x 1

    Goal today is achieving a quick, seamless transition from front roll back into the next movement. Pay attention to the details of each, and breathe specifically throughout. Outside of the designated :20 seconds, there is no rest.

    And then, also for time:

    20 reps Squat Complex (20lb. W, 30lb. M)

    1 rep “Squat Complex” = 1 regular squat + 1 jump squat + 1 left lunge + 1 right lunge. Today, kettlebell/ weight is held in the Goblet position.

    *Weight on Turkish Get-up is self-scaled today, and should amount to no more than 40-50% of 1RM. Goal is quick, meticulous get-ups with no pause at the bottom- choose weight accordingly.