physical. 05/01/15

    Blood can pour from the soul in the same way it can from the skin. Working to avoid spilling it is misguided self-limitation, and just the same as attempting to avoid the burning of true exertion; When it comes, it comes. When it happens, it happens. Skin heals, and souls strengthen, and neither are given the chance to do so without first being cut open.

    (Photo: Commitment is a circle, not a straight line.)

    5 rounds of:

    10 Mace shovel @ as heavy as possible
    10 Hand-to-hand tire smash @ 10lb. + W, 16lb. + M
    5 Kettlebell deadlift @ minimum 1/2 BW
    5 breaths rest
    5 Kettlebell Sumo deadlift @ minimum 1/2 BW
    1 minute rest

    Weights in all movements today are scaled to ability, and dictated by position and execution. Challenge yourself in each set.

    Then, 3 rounds of:

    1 minute handstand hold
    1 minute hollow rock/ hold
    1 minute jumping jacks

    Today, scaling for handstand is the tripod headstand.