physical. 05/10/14

    Mace. Shadows.
    “If you feel alive in a darkened room, do you know the name of your solitude…”

    6 rounds of:

    1 Sled drag (20yd. @ 135lb. W, 180lb. M)
    30 Kettlebell kayak (25lb. W, 35lb. M)

    ”Drag” = forward, and “Pull” = backward. Our “kayak” is a full-range Russian Twist and involves trunk rotation and a touch of the implement to the ground on both sides of the body. Today, L + R side touch= 1 rep.

    Then, immediately upon completion:

    50 reps Burpees from the bottom

    ”Burpees from the bottom” simply begin and end with your chest on the floor. Today, trainer will call out a specific number of reps and intersperse varied durations of rest between them, and athletes will remain with chest on the ground ready to go until directed (very similar to our sprint start). In a group, completing the designated number quickly will lead to a few extra breaths of rest between sets.