physical. 05/19/14

    You are the master of your own thoughts. Stay ahead of them.

    Front squat:

    9, 7, 5, 3

    With form and full range of motion intact, perform each set as heavy as possible without interruption. Rest as needed between sets.

    Then, 6 rounds of:

    12 Kettlebell Short swing“* @ 75% of 5RM
    6 Burpee
    :20 sec. L-sit
    :20 sec. rest (Optional- use as needed in up to 3 of 6 rounds)

    Focus on position and pace- Prior to beginning, make a mental checklist based on your strengths and weaknesses, and follow your plan.
    Beginner: Utilize up to 3, :20 sec. rest periods to re-set breathing.
    Intermediate/ Advanced: Pace should be vicious, position should be perfect.

    *”Short swing” denotes a heavy, short-range kettlebell swing with the intent of safely driving as much weight as structurally possible to just below chin height.