physical. 06/05/14

    Greg. Mace.
    Greg. Mace.

    50 Turkish Get-up

    Today, select weight based on ability to perform 2 uninterrupted reps left, and then 2 uninterrupted reps right; Start at a challenging weight, and adjust down as needed to complete as prescribed. Rest as needed, and add a 2/1000 pause to any transition point that you are struggling with.

    Then, lateral movement cool-down (Pick two):

    Lateral medicine ball throw/ catch
    Karaoke runs
    Lateral slam ball
    “Monster walks” (Straight leg walk with a trunk twist; If left leg is forward, right arm swings across to meet it.)

    Throw/ catch: With a partner, stand a reasonable distance apart (12-15 feet) and throw/ receive med ball. Throw side-to-side using strong rotation (not underhand or overhand) and attempt to re-throw as soon as the ball is caught. Throw the ball “at”, not “to”, your partner. Start in a neutral stance and allow footwork to adapt based on direction of throw.