physical. 06/05/15

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    40 Pull-up (Scaled to ability throughout, and broken into 3/5-rep sets)

    Rest as needed between sets- difficulty of movement dictates duration of rest. Today, pull-up is partner assisted if needed- no bands, no jumping.

    Advanced pull-up suggestions include: Weighted, L-pull-up, chest-to-bar, negative. No kip, no butterfly.

    Scaled to ability = Each rep/ set/ movement poses a significant challenge for each athletes individual skill level; Put in what you expect to get out.

    Then, for 6 minutes:

    20 Mace swing (Pendulum, 360, 10-2, varial– 10kg. W, 12kg. M)
    20 Kettlebell kayak* (As heavy as possible for 2 x 10-rep sets)

    Safety and position and considered, both mace and kayak weight stays as heavy as possible throughout. Rest up to 3 x 5 breaths/ :15 sec.

    And then, 3 rounds of:

    Reach max RPM on Airdyne
    :30 sec. rest @ 30-40% pace
    Reach it again
    :30 sec. rest @ 30-40% pace
    Reach within 80% of max RPM
    1 minute static rest

    Measure and note highest output, and drop in output in subsequent rounds. Maximize rest, standardize breathing, and work hard- Earn each RPM, and reach 5 higher than you think you can.

    *Our “kayak” is a full-range Russian Twist and involves trunk rotation and a touch of the implement to the ground on both sides of the body. Today, L + R side touch= 1 rep.