physical. 06/09/15

    Joe. Squat.
    Joe. Squat.

    20 Turkish Get-up @ skill work weight (Max 35lb. W, 55lb. M)
    100 Hollow rock (Broken into sets of no less than 10 perfect reps)

    Hammer details, disregard pace, and perform each rep at 100% quality. Adjust weights and/ or variations on Turkish Get-up as desired (2-count, bottoms-up); Weight is not to exceed 50% of 1RM.

    Then, 20 minutes/ 4 pieces of:

    Thoracic mobility
    Hinge position assessment/ adjustment/ improvement (Hamstring/ Glute/ Low back)

    Anticipating a week of heavy lifting, do the work before the work.
    Identify your trouble spots, and put in what you expect to get out.