physical. 06/11/14

    Dave, Jill, Anthony. Bench press.
    Dave, Jill, Anthony. Bench press.

    Bench press:

    9, 7, 5, 3- 3- 3+

    Goal is challenging, uninterrupted sets with sound positioning throughout. Weight increases each set (denoted by commas between) until 3, and then remains the same (denoted by dashes). Rest as needed between sets- 9-rep set should be 50% or less of 1RM. If possible, final set extends past 3 reps.

    Then, 1 max rep set:

    Bodyweight row

    Pause/ rest in the bottom position as desired. There is no kip in the bodyweight row- keep the hips fixed.

    Up to 3 minutes rest, then 4 rounds of:

    100 High-knee jumprope
    4 Turkish Get-up @ under 50% of 1RM