physical. 06/14/14

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    “The Saddest Day” (Converge Petitioning The Empty Sky)

    10 Kettlebell snatch (35lb. W, 55lb. M)
    15 Double-unders*

    Count rounds and half-rounds completed in 7:05.
    Kettlebell snatch: Switch arms as desired. If rest is needed, keep it short and specific. Push hard for at least 1/2 round improvement from last time.

    Up to 5 minutes rest, then, for time:

    5 Sled drag (20yd. each @ 55lb. W, 70lb. M)

    Rest as needed, and then:

    3 Turkish Get-up @ 60-70% of 1RM (Left arm)
    3 Turkish Get-up @ 60-70% of 1RM (Right arm)

    x 2

    *If the double-under is not yet in your tool box, perform 30 high-knee jumprope + 3 burpees in each round.