physical. 06/18/15

    Deadlift hold.
    Deadlift hold.

    20 reps Turkish Get-up / Arm bar stretch/ Windmill complex*
    @ (up to) 50-60% of TGU 1RM**

    Alternate L to R as desired; rest every 2 lifts as needed (up to 1 minute). If/ when fatigue alters form (usually first manifested in a failing lock-out) make an immediate adjustment to detail, weight, or both.

    *Complex= 1 top-down Turkish Get-up + minimum 10/1000 arm bar stretch at the bottom + back to standing + windmill + reset to neutral foot position with kettlebell still overhead = 1 rep. Not engineered to be complicated, just to fact-check position, demand patience and details, and improve strength coordination.
    **If 1RM varies between the TGU and windmill, weight is set by % of the lighter.

    Then, 5 aggressive minutes of:

    Medicine ball throw/ catch* @ 15lb. W, 20lb. M

    Today, every 10 reps ball stays in-hand and touches the ground 10 times (squat and touch the ground). Partner 1 performs touches first 10, and partner 2 the next. Count total completed throws. Minimum distance is 12. ft.

    *With a partner, stand a reasonable distance apart (12-15 feet) and throw/ receive medicine ball. Throw side-to-side using strong rotation (not underhand or overhand) and attempt to re-throw as soon as the ball is caught. Throw the ball “at”, not “to”, your partner. Start in a neutral stance and allow footwork to adapt based on direction of throw.

    And then, skill work:

    Jumprope/ Double-under
    Tumbling/ Headstand/ Handstand

    “Skill work” does not equal leaving early, standing around talking, or guessing at an unspecific path of work. It does equal short, specific, sets of detailed, progress-minded effort that will produce (not surprisingly) an improvement in skill.