physical. 06/26/15

    Group. Mace hold.
    The non-glamorous building of strength and will.

    4 rounds of:

    10 Push-up (Scaled to ability in each round: plyometric, Hindu, rings)
    10 Kettlebell snatch (5L, 5R @ heavy and challenging in each round)
    1 minute rest (If we don’t need it, we under-worked)

    Adjust movement/ weight by round as needed. Hammer position, and perform “focused rest”: Standardize breathing, reflect on the previous round, and identify pitfalls to avoid in future ones. Mindful rest helps mitigate fatigue. Kettlebell snatch: If not yet in your toolbox, or still requires skill work, perform 5L, 5R heavy 1-arm swing/ 1-arm high pull as a substitute.

    Then, 6 minutes of:

    Mace complex:

    2 Squat
    6 360
    4 Squat
    8 10-2
    100 Jumprope

    Count rounds and completed partials. Recommended weight is 8kg. W, 10kg. M. If no mace is available, use heaviest sledgehammer you can find and safely move. If one of the movements in the complex is missing, simply repeat the one you have (I.E. If you know 360, but not yet 10-2, repeat 360 for the 8-rep set).

    And then, 2 max duration rounds of:

    Extended-arm mace hold (minimum 8kg. W, 10kg. M)

    Don’t cash-out early. If your first round ends in under 1 minute, add another at the end.