physical. 07/25/15


    Forsaken/ So alone5:02
    (100 Demons“In The Eyes Of the Lord”)

    4 1-arm kettlebell Thruster (35lb. W, 55lb. M)
    6 Deadlift @ 50% of 2RM

    Count rounds and half-rounds completed in 5:02.

    Thruster: Switch arms as desired.


    Commando/ Wolfpack– 8:34 (Satyricon“The Age of Nero”)

    1 Rope climb (20ft.)
    200m row
    3 Handstand push-up
    4 Deadlift
    @ BW

    Count and note rounds and partials completed in 8:34.

    If you cannot climb a rope unassisted and perform organized, safe handstand push-up, perform path #1.

    Reminder: In a time-measured benchmark, pace is important, but never takes a back seat to position. Move quickly and specifically, scale weights to your ability, and keep ego in the passengers seat- not behind the wheel.

    Rest up to 5 minutes, then 3 rounds of:

    20 Jumps (Box jump, broad jump, lateral jump, vertical jump)
    10 Row (Bodyweight row, 1-arm kettlebell row, Pendlay row)
    1 minute Airdyne- max distance/ calories
    1 minute hollow rock/ hold

    Hammer position, standardize breathing, and scale movement and/ or weight if position breaks. Jump: Change variations by round if desired. Row: Choose one variation and use throughout. Sets are to be uninterrupted- select weight accordingly before, and scale weight accordingly during. If rest is needed, keep it short and take it after row.

    Balance.“Even as the scales of life lose balance, the short leg must walk on… “