physical. 08/03/15

    Mike. Front squat.
    Mike. Front squat.

    2 x 3 Power clean + 3 Front squat @ 85-90% of power clean 2RM
    2 x 3 Power clean + 3 Front squat (up to) @ 75%
    2 x 5 Power clean + 1 Front squat @ (up to) 60%

    Rest as needed between sets. Front squat begins at top of final power clean in each set. When scheme is listed as “2 x 3″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”. Reminder: Position and range of motion always govern weight.

    Then, 3 rounds of:

    6L, 6R Kettlebell push press (Scaled to ability in each round)
    18 V-up
    18 Full-range lunge*

    Push press sets should be challenging but uninterrupted- adjust weight by round as needed. If v-up position breaks beyond repair, perform :90 sec. hollow hold in each remaining round.

    And then, 3 rounds of:

    :30 sec. Straight jump
    :15 sec. rest
    5 Burpee

    Transition directly from burpee to straight jump in rounds 2 and 3. Count and match straight jumps in each round. Jump + land + stand = 1 rep.

    *Our full-range lunge begins with a forward lunge and continues into a reverse lunge without the foot touching in the middle. Step far enough forward and back to maintain 90-degree knee bend at the bottom in both directions. Maintain a stable, upright torso throughout.