physical. 08/15/14

    Kelley. Sled pull.
    Kelley. Sled pull (the much less popular but very useful cousin of the drag...).

    5 rounds of:

    1 Sled pull (20yd. @ BW)
    :30 sec. Airdyne sprint
    10 Bodyweight row

    ”Drag” = forward, and “Pull” = backward. Hustle on the switches between movements. Airdyne: Though output may change, effort should remain at 100% in each and every round.

    Then, 8 total reps of the following kettlebell complex:

    1 Kettlebell swing clean
    1 Kettlebell snatch
    1 Turkish Get-up

    1 + 1 + 1 = 1 rep. Goal is fluid, seamless transition from movement to movement, and hand-to-hand switches. You may rest, alternate arms (4L, 4R total), and increase/ decrease weight as desired.